Vassilis KoulourisBody and Mind Specialist


Born in Athens I found myself interested in Martial Arts and fitness as a teenager. Later I turned my focus mostly to dance and Yoga. My interest in human nature further led me to explore healing massage techniques and group psychotherapy, whilst also doing theatre and acting. Today I practice Zen Shiatsu and instruct groups on Breathing Kinesiotherapy. Having many years of experience in meditation and spiritual paths I try to deal with every person’s individual needs in a holistic, heart-centered approach.
I now reside in Germany, but return to Greece every summer to enjoy the Greek sun and light and also help as a group facilitator and health expert with the holiday programs of Travel and Do.


Maria KrinaMaster Chef


I was born in Patras and have worked as a chef and kitchen manager since 1998. I am specialized in Greek cuisine and have over the years acquired a deep knowledge of its philosophy, techniques, and history. As a chef, I have highlighted forgotten dishes using ingredients from small producers from all over Greece and Cyprus. Today I work as a chef and kitchen manager in hotels and restaurants on the Aegean islands. There, through frequent changing of the menu, the particular history of the island gets to the plate. Each menu is a delicious journey into the island’s culture and history. I have established the company “Cooking Tales”, offering the creation of menus, consulting, and management to restaurants, as well as hands-on cooking courses and seminars.


Yannis SampsonidisFounder & Director


Hi, I am Yannis, the founder of Travel and Do. Early in my life, I discovered the immense world of the Eastern internal martial arts. Today, as a certified associate instructor of Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao System, I teach Conscious Breathing, Healing Sounds, Chinese Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation. I am also a certified Thai Massage practitioner and Hatha Yoga instructor.

In the travel industry I define myself as a “tour-operator”, but I hope you will see me as your caring host in Greece.

I founded Travel and Do in order to fulfill my vision to combine, explore, deepen, and enjoy all the things I value in life and at the same time share them with friends, teachers, and guests from all over the world.

Cooperation opportunities

We are looking for Sales Agents worldwide

We are looking for freelancers who would understand the character and originality as well as the profit potential of the travel services we offer. You will not be limited to the confines of our company property but be out in the field representing us amongst your any other clients too. Your income will only be limited by how much you will sell.  You will earn a percentage of what you sell, on a fairly incremental, commission based, compensation scheme. Use the contact form on this page to contact us.


  1. Excellent knowledge of the English language
  2. Excellent knowledge of any second language
  3. VAT number to accept our payments
  4. Bank account

As of 2019 all of our travel offers are connected to a booking engine making it a less than 30min technical task to take any of our travel packages you like or all of them and re-sell it online on your own travel website. All sales and commissions paid are processed automatically, you need not move a finger.

You just open up your business to a wider target group of clients by offering some of the best alternative travel packages to Greece and see your profits rising up.

It is important to understand who we are and what is the distinctive character and concept of our travel services.

If interested, please contact us via the contact form on this page.

We are looking to partner up with Travel Guides with fresh ideas and a modern approach to guiding. Any knowledge of an Asian language will be a great plus. If potentially interested, please use the contact form on this page and send us your CV. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you!