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Gastronomy Tour on Crete: The Origin of Mediterranean Cuisine

In Greece people don’t eat to live, they live to eat!! It seems that Greeks’ relation to food is quite different, compared to the average European; happy and sad moments, celebration and mourning, all occur around a table laden with food. Hence the question “what’s to eat?” is heard everywhere, always. The kitchen in every modern house is inseparate from the living room and in the older village houses, the kitchen was the living room! Obviously, food is an essential part of Greek culture and therefore a subject of cultural research.

The Greek cuisine reflects the rich agricultural production of our small and yet blessed country and gives us even today indirect information about the land’s economy, history, social life, customs and even about the people’s religious beliefs!

Cooking on Crete island

The cuisine of Crete, being a crossroad island, has been influenced, at different times, by both western and eastern Mediterranean cultures.
During your stay and culinary workshop you will not just learn to cook, but to experience with all your senses the journey from the heart to the stomach and from nature to the table.

After gathering the goods provided by the Greek land and sea, we will cook together some of the recipes which determine what we all know as theMediterranean Cuisine. Ranging from light, leafy salads to rich, aromatic casseroles, a dish can be found to tantalize any taste bud at any time of the year. Renowned mainly for its seafood and ubiquitous Greek salad, many of the best traditional dishes remain yet undiscovered by holiday makers. From vegetarian to meat lover the ingredients radiate health and a wholesomeness that can only come from much loved recipes passed down through the generations.

Apart from the cooking classes our package also includes cultural activities and excursions around the culinary art.

By this holiday offer we invite you to cook, learn, laugh, feel, and travel with us to become back in your country a proud sharer of our food and cultural tradition.