TRAVEL and DO – Custom holidays and retreats in GreeceTRAVEL and DO – Custom holidays and retreats in Greece
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What is Travel and Do?


Travel and Do is an ambitious multi project operated by a network of Greek travel specialists, socially responsible enterprises, NGOs, universities, environmental associations, agricultural societies, entrepreneurs in the food industry, and health experts, all harmoniously cooperating under the supervision and legal authority of the socially responsible travel company TRAVEL and DO Eservices.


The project’s aim is to promote Greek culture and land products through tourism and to let travellers optionally be engaged to selected cultural, agricultural, social or environmental projects.


Towards our aim we conduct educational workshops and seminars, organize international festivals, congresses and events, design and operate special travel programs, promote selected Greek projects, and create crowdfunding campaigns.

Philosophy and Mission in detail


All of the Travel and Do holiday plans aim to create for our guests a safe environment for a meaningful sharing and a positive transformation. For this, we have partnered with enlightened people who have set up wonderful farms, eco-villages, communities, and guesthouses worth visiting, people who offer their expertise, services and products with love and respect for creation.


All of our eco-friendly travel services are based on fair-trade, without exploiting human, natural or social resources. We are committed to a sustainable, non-destructive form of travelling, which respects and promotes the environmental wealth and the cultural heritage of Greece for the generations to come.


Activities in nature, eco-farm visits, artisan workshops, cultural events, local gastronomy, health and wellness programs, body and mind retreats, family holidays, and much more are amongst the experiences we offer.



About our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects


Every year we choose amongst existing social or environmental projects or we design altogether new ones, for one of the areas of Greece we visit.


Please, browse our CSR projects and consider donating, if you believe this is a sustainable and productive way of using money and means to compensate the inevitable negative part of tourism.


Thank you!

Our Core Values

Sea_turtle_GreeceIt is the kind of travel that promotes environmental awareness & sustainability, biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation, harmonic social development & fair trade. We know from the inside how this works, because our social enterprise held for 3 years (2011-2014) the worldwide recognised Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) label from TourCert.

By 2020 it is estimated that 1.5 billion people will be travelling each year! Each one of us needs to consider one’s personal contribution to sustaining the natural and cultural wonders of our planet, so that future generations can enjoy the same life-changing adventures we have shared. Taking the tourism era for granted, we need to turn to responsible tourism as a solution to offset, as much as possible, the side effects of travelling and promote “greener ways” of cultural interaction. We need to re-skill ourselves on how to use our resources with modesty, wisdom and love and give a lot back to nature, as much in our everyday lives as well as whilst travelling.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
Henry Miller


To help you experience Greek authentically, but also leave the minimum travel foot-print behind and compensate the environment for your emissions, we offer:

  • – Off-the-beaten-track tours
  • – Participation in non touristy cultural events, local feasts and traditional concerts
  • – Visits to distilleries, vineyards, olive oil presses, beekeepers, and organic farms
  • – Culinary art workshops
  • – Authentic evenings with folk circular dances
  • – Lectures on the local customs, the famous Greek Mythology, the modern language and its live connection to the ancient Greek language as well as its connection to other modern European languages
  • – Hands-on traditional healing applications of the local herbs
  • – Guided trekking tours and other sustainable activities in nature


“An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, or jumping off cliffs. It means risking yourself by leaving a little piece of you behind in all those you meet along the way.”
Shawna Grapentin

Pelion_train_GreeceTry to:

  • – travel in a spirit of humility and with a genuine desire to meet, talk and exchange meaningful information with local people
  • – be aware of the feeling of the locals, and respect their culture and customs in your action
  • – cultivate the art of being present, of listening, of learning by observing closely
  • – realize and accept that other people may have concepts of time and thought patterns different from yours—not wrong, not inferior, just different!
  • – contribute to the local community by sharing your knowledge, skills, feelings and humour
  • – remember that you are among many visitors, and do not expect special privileges
  • – make no promises to local people that you cannot implement; keep the promises that you make
  • – always respect temples and other sacred places and their holy artefacts as you would the churches and temples in your homeland
  • – show particular respect when you intend to photograph/take video by first exchanging a few words and asking permission to proceed with
  • – spend time each day reflecting on your experiences, considering the possibility that what enriched you may have robbed another
  • – utilize the opportunity of travel for personal and trans-personal growth and global understanding
  • – compensate the visited communities and environment by supporting our CSR projects


Qualities which responsible travellers need to utilise and strengthen:

  • Acceptance
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Caring
  • Honesty
  • Creativity

“A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.”
Moslih Eddin Saadi

For the years (2017-2018-2019) we have decided to support the eco-projects of the not-for-profit social enterprise Hopeland.

Hopeland is a unique eco-farm in the Peloponnese implementing both social and environmental projects, with a strong emphasis on family education.

Please, contact us for details on how you can contribute or participate to these projects as a part of your holidays in Greece. This is a genuine chance to offset your “travel footprint” through co-funding one of our CSR projects or through participating on site to one of our eco-projects. Spend time in Hopeland eco-farm and experience an authentically natural way of living!

Work exchange volunteers and university students are welcome to attend our eco-projects too. Hopeland is an Erasmus+ partner venue hosting European youth-exchange programs.

These are Hopeland’s eco-projects for the following years:

  • Build a lake and swales to hold enough water for Hopeland’s water needs in the summer
  • Build an energy self-sufficient straw-bale house for the people living in Hopeland
  • Build 5 accommodation tents for 20 guests
  • Build a hall from clay, wood and recycled materials such as wine bottles etc for workshops, seminar and events to take place
  • Build an eco-friendly fence around Hopeland using natural materials and special plants
  • Planting of fruit trees and trees for shade
  • Clean, prune and build stone walls around Hopeland’s 10 wild olive trees and 5 old reserved oak trees
  • Improve of Hopeland’s two vegetable gardensPlease, ask for more details on these projects by writing to us.


In 2017 we have proudly sponsored the creation of the Herb Garden of Hippocrates.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Vassilis KoulourisBody and mind specialist

Born in Athens I found myself interested in Martial Arts and fitness as an teenager. Later I turned my focus mostly to dance and Yoga. My interest in human nature further led me to explore healing massage techniques and group psychotherapy, whilst also doing theatre and acting. Today I practise Zen Shiatsu and instruct groups on Breathing Kinesiotherapy. Having many years experience in meditation and spiritual paths I try to deal with every person’s individual needs in a holistic, heart-centred approach. Thus I believe I contribute to the re-establishment of the energy flow by simply listening to people and touching them.

I now reside in Germany, but return to Greece every summer to enjoy the Greek sun and light and also help as a group facilitator and health expert with the holiday programs of Travel and Do.


Maria Krina Master Chef


I was born in Patras and have worked as a chef and kitchen manager since 1998. I am specialised in Greek cuisine and have over the years acquired a deep knowledge of its philosophy, techniques and history. As a chef I have highlighted forgotten dishes using ingredients from small producers from all over Greece and Cyprus. Today I work as a chef and kitchen manager in hotels and restaurants on Syros island. There, through frequent changing of the menu, the particular history of Syros island gets to the plate. Each menu is a delicious journey into Ermoupolis’ culture and history.

On June 2014 I have established the company “cooking tales, hands on Greek cuisine” on Syros, offering the creation of menus, consulting and management to restaurants, as well as hands-on cooking courses and seminars. The courses also present general nutrition issues, because apart from a healthy diet, I am deeply concerned about the ongoing “war” over the control of food, an international issue which needs to concern us all and lead us into action.


Dafni Mavrommati Hotelier

I was born and raised in Athens. After graduating as a translator from the universities of Montpellier and Paris, I did a Master’s degree in contemporary European political culture. I then worked for the Greek Omburdsman and the research organisation ANTIGONE in Athens on transnational European projects focusing on issues of migration, racism and xenophobia. In 2006 I took over the management of our family hotel in the Peloponnese. I have been happy since then to reside in an area where sea and mountain merge, offering an amazing natural setting for calm and aware living. Being a mother myself I felt how important it is to offer my children a connection to nature. I provide our guests with a place to truly feel at home, to relax, to enjoy their personal and family life, enveloped in the reassuring cocoon of authentic Greek hospitality, while at the same time being uplifted and refreshed by relatively unspoiled Greek scenery.


Yannis Sampsonidis Founder & Director

Hi, I am Yannis, the founder of Travel and Do. During my studies on Civil Engineering back in 1990, I discovered the immense world of the Eastern internal martial arts. Today, as a certified associate instructor of Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao System, I teach Conscious Breathing, Healing Sounds, Chinese Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation. I am also a certified Thai Massage practitioner and Hatha Yoga instructor.

In the travel industry I define myself as a “tour-operator”, but I hope you will see me as your caring host in Greece. I founded Travel and Do to fulfil my vision to combine, explore, deepen and enjoy all the things I value in life and at the same time offer and share them with my closest friends, teachers and guests from all over the world.

I follow my inner calling towards the creation of a “observe-study-practice-learn-create” life model, trying to apply all the principles of responsible and sustainable living that I have stood and served for.