TRAVEL and DO – Custom holidays and retreats in GreeceTRAVEL and DO – Custom holidays and retreats in Greece
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I book my boat or bus tickets in advance via the Internet or a travel agency?

Outside the high season months of July and August there is no need to book your boat or bus tickets in advance, it is OK to buy your tickets locally, right before your departure.

No special safety or medical precautions are needed for a trip to Greece.

Any special equipment or clothes needed for your chosen activities, will be provided by us locally. A pair of light trekking shoes may be needed though. Even if trekking isn’t included in your itinerary or planned by you, the Greek landscape often magically invites you to come closer and discover it, which is possible only via walking. Remember also to bring your driver’s license with you.

It is important that travellers understand and accept the local way of Greek life, which can be very different to theirs, like:

  • Shops may close for a few hours in the afternoon even at the most touristic areas.
  • Water, especially on the islands, is in short supply. During the summer months local authorities on some islands might restrict main supply of water to certain hours of the day.
  • Roads can be unlit or have no pavement.
  • About noise: Restaurants, bars and clubs can be too noisy, open-air and open late. Many areas are growing resorts and therefore building may be going on in the vicinity of your accommodation. If you are staying in the same village as a local fisherman you may hear his exhaustless moped or braying donkey pass your house at dusk. A dog barking or a cockerel crowing can disturb as much as passing traffic. We have chosen our hotels and villas for their degree of seclusion and privacy, but if you are concerned about possible disturbances, please ask our advice on the most suitable properties.
  • Most of our premises have a rural location and it is possible therefore that there is a presence of “wildlife”, such as ants, wasps, lizards, fieldmice or rodents.

The non-flying alternative! For this longer, but environmentally friendly and more adventurous way, you will first need to reach one of the Eastern ports of Italy (Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi). From there you get into one of the fast boats which connect Italy with Patras (stopping at Corfu island), the biggest Western port of Greece. Boat travel time is up to 33 hours, depending the route. From Patras you can very easily reach our Peloponnesian destinations in about 1,5 hours by bus and the Ionian islands Zakynthos or Lefkada in about 2,5 hours by bus. From Patras you can reach Athens and its ports Piraeus or Rafina in about 3 hours by bus. This road trip is picturesque and highly recommended to be further explored, so you may decide to drive in a rented car adding to your schedule extra time for visiting some of the highlights along the Corinthian Gulf coastline. From Piraeus or Rafina ports you will continue to Crete or the Cycladic islands by fast-boats.

Being an enterprise emphasising sustainability and responsibility in travelling, we symbolically reward our European guests who have chosen to arrive in any combination of bus, boat and train alone, by returning 50 euro to them or offering them a discount coupon!